Cripe St. Apartments

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Building Floor plan

  • Three two-floor buildings
  • Eight apartments in each building
  • Each apartment has a storage room on the first floor

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cripe st 4_apt layout

Apartment Layout

Apartment C/D/G/H

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cripe st 1_apt big layout

Apartment A/B/E/F

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cripe st 1_apt small layout

Living room 11’ x 16’ (C/D/G/H) 11’ x 14’ (A/B/E/F) Apartment door width 36in / 91cm
Bedroom 11’ x 13’ (C/D/G/H) 11’ x 12’ (A/B/E/F) Bedroom door width 30in / 75cm
Window (living room) 68in/172cm w, 79in/200cm h (C/D) 94in/238cm w, 47in/119cm h (others) Bathroom door width 28in / 71cm
Window (bedroom) 46in / 117cm w 46in / 117cm h Storage room 4’ x 6’



  • Gas range
  • Kitchen exhaust hood
  • Full-size refrigerator
  • Garbage disposal
  • Ceiling lights in the dining area (no light fixtures in bedrrom)
  • Window shades
  • Central air conditioning
  • Telephone

Utilities included in rent

  • Water
  • Natural gas (which provides heat)
  • Cable service with a basic 50+ channel package
  • High speed internet access and wireless service
  • Campus and local phone service including voicemail
  • Air conditioning is provided but runs on electricity, and electricity must be purchased by the resident.

Rates and Charges

  • Monthly rate: $625.00
  • Estimated monthly electricity fee: $25.00