Religious Life

A vibrant religious life is an essential part of Notre Dame's residential communities.

Catholic Religious Life     Other Faith Traditions

Catholic Religious Life

  • Sunday Mass - Sunday Mass is celebrated at 10am year round at the Beichner Community Center. Fr. Gary Chamberland, C.S.C, a Holy Cross Priest and Director of the Master of Divinity Program in the Department of Theology, is the Village chaplain. Mass at the Village is family friendly and is followed by coffee and conversation. All student families are welcome!
  • Liturgical Year - Throughout the year other moments of the Catholic liturgical year are observed at the Village such as Christmas, Ash Wednesday, Holy Week, All Saints Day, and holy days of obligation.  Call the Village Office (1-9145) for Mass times or check the Village events calendar (available to residents on Village Online)
  • Resident Organized Groups - In collaboration with the rector residents organize Eucharistic Adoration, rosary groups and other prayer groups. 
  • Children's Programs - The Village also supports an atrium of Catechesis of the Good Shepherd, a Montessori-based formation process for 3 to 6 year olds in the Christian tradition that respects the child's natural desire for relationship with a compassionate, loving God.
  • Sacraments -Residents seeking the sacraments for themselves or their children can approach the chaplain or the rector for more information.  They can also contact Notre Dame's Office of Campus Ministry.  Top

Other Faith Traditions

In keeping with the University's Catholic Mission residents of all faith traditions are encouraged to nurture their spiritual lives while at Notre Dame. 

  • Places of Worship - Notre Dame's Campus Ministry Office provides a listing of places of worship in the South Bend community and can assist with transportation if needed.
  • Prayer Around the World - The Village co-sponsors Campus Ministry's Prayer from Around the World series which provides prayer experiences from a variety of faith traditions.
  • Celebrations - The Village celebrates holidays of other religious traditions at which time residents of those faiths have the opportunity to share with their neighbors something of their traditions' observances and celebrations.  In recent years there have been parties for the Muslim holiday of Eid al-Adha and the Hindu holiday of Holi.
  • Resident Organized Groups - Residents of other faith traditions are welcome to organize prayer groups or events at the Beichner Community Center.  The rector can assist with logistics and support as needed. Top